Workforce & Economic Development

Fair Pay for Work: People should be paid a living and equitable wage. I led a move to enact pay transparency legislation in Ithaca – making us the second community in New York State to require employers to disclose compensation levels in job ads.

Supporting a Union Town: Union labor is undergoing a resurgence across the country. I stand with union workers and support the rights of any worker to unionize.

Ithaca as a Regional Hub: Ithaca is uniquely situated in Central New York with a desirable geography, welcoming community, and unique intellectual vigor. I support policies that capitalize on these strengths to draw talent, investment, and innovation to our city.


Zoning Reform: I support a comprehensive evaluation of our existing zoning map to promote improvements in livability and opportunity for city residents. This includes legalizing row homes, duplexes, quadplexes, and ending taxpayer subsidized parking requirements.

Good Cause Eviction: No one should be evicted from their home without cause. I support good cause eviction (also known as right to renew) legislation that protects tenants in good standing from a non-renewal of their lease.

Accessory Dwelling Units: I am strongly in support of legalizing small, independent residential units that enable homeowners to in traditional single-family zoning areas to provide accessory units to meet the housing needs of family members and those seeking to age in place.

Ithaca Green New Deal

Updating City Resources: I support citywide decarbonization and exploring Community Choice Aggregation, which will empower our community to negotiate citywide contracts for more favorable rates and cleaner electricity supply.

Transit Infrastructure: Reliable and affordable transportation is integral to the IGND. I support expanding TCAT service, eliminating fares, and enhancing safe cycling infrastructure in the city.

Responding to Climate Change: Unchecked climate change threatens our homes with increased flooding. I will continue to advocate for state and federal support to mitigate or reverse these dangerous trends.

Public Safety

Independent Oversight: Independent oversight is key to public safety and community health. I authored legislation establishing a Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Safety in the Mayor’s office to coordinate efforts across the city’s public safety departments. Going forward, I will work to enhance the research, advisory, and oversight powers of the city commissions and community police board to deepen the public’s voice in this process.

Crisis Intervention Teams: I support the establishment of alternative models of law enforcement response for crisis intervention and wraparound health and human service delivery. This approach is supported by research and helps to promote equity, access to justice, and community safety.

Ending Pretextual Stops: I support ending pretextual stops to reduce racial disparities in policing.