Democratic Governance

I believe our cities serve us best by building accountable institutions that emphasize transparency, inclusion, and responsiveness. As your mayor, I promise to lead by example, hold our government accountable to the people, and work with the administration and the City Council to deliver solutions for our community. 

  • Clearly articulate the city’s strategic priorities, goals, and objectives through an annual State of the City address and budget priority setting meetings.
  • Approve, monitor, and evaluate the city manager’s annual administration work plan.
  •  Empower Council to actively lead on policy making and oversight through four standing legislative committees.
  • Revitalize community engagement by fully staffing the city’s advisory boards and commissions.


Housing is a human right. Ithaca faces record cost of living levels and is in desperate need of a solution. Ithaca needs an all-of-the-above approach that builds more housing, protects tenants rights, and works to achieve a permanent solution for those experiencing homelessness. 

  • Promote homeownership and diversity of opportunity through citywide legalization of middle housing, including duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and townhomes.
  • Support aging-in-place through legalization of carriage houses and accessory apartments.
  • End taxpayer subsidized parking minimums and place costs back on property developers.
  • Simplify zoning codes to promote accessible, sustainable, and vibrant mixed-use neighborhoods.
  • Vote to opt into the Emergency Tenant Protection Act to establish a board of tenants, landlords, and community representatives to stabilize rents. 
  • Incentivize permanent supportive housing in our community to address the plight of the unhoused community.


Transportation touches on all the core elements of municipal policy: from housing and employment to sustainability and civic participation. My administration will reinvest in our transit infrastructure, deliver alternatives to car dependency, and increase our support of micro-mobility initiatives that increase the viability of biking and walking. 

  • Secure a joint commitment from TCAT underwriters to increase transit funding by 50% by 2034.
  • Invest in supporting community partners promoting micro-mobility through public-private  partnership. 
  • Publicly communicate sidewalk and road repair work on an annual basis for greater accountability and community involvement. 
  • Pilot municipal sidewalk clearing along arterial sidewalks and bike lanes to promote accessibility and mobility in our population centers.

Sustainability & Economic Development

A thriving and sustainable economy is essential to a vibrant and dynamic community. We are at an historic moment to support our existing and new small businesses, invest in historically marginalized communities, and attract good paying jobs to Ithaca. I will work diligently to bring opportunity and vitality to all corners of our city. 

  • Apply for and secure a NYS Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant to promote redevelopment and job creation, provide economic opportunity, attract diverse businesses, and support community vibrancy.
  • Grow the city’s economic development division to better support local business development, incubation, and retention.
  • Develop a holistic economic diversification and growth strategy that brings security and opportunity to all Ithacans and neighborhoods.
  • Redouble our efforts to address the historic inequities of climate change and implement Justice 50 guidelines. 


Our facilities and infrastructure maintenance has been deferred for too long. The City must leverage all its resources to build back the resilience of our community and secure our community for the Ithacans of today and the future. I will make this a centerpiece of Council’s investment in public works and capital projects. 

  • Secure federal, state, and municipal funding to mitigate flooding risks highlighted in 2023 draft FEMA maps.
  • Invest in our parks and “third places” to provide Ithacans a place for recreation, gathering, and community.
  • Build and support public restroom facilities for residents, visitors, and tourists in high-traffic neighborhoods.
  • Commission a joint study with the Town of Ithaca to explore improvements to shared services.

Public Safety

We owe it to our community to provide safety and security for all residents. Through my work on Council, we have made strides to promote meaningful public safety reform and fully staff our police department. As Mayor, I will ensure we have the whole-of-community approach that is necessary to foster trust between communities and police, reduce crime rates, and reallocate resources to address root causes of crime.

  • Maintain and support progressive change in the Ithaca Police Department through training, education, and rigorous recruitment standards.
  • Implement a team of peer support specialists to co-respond with law enforcement and address behavioral health and other crises.
  • Secure permanent leadership for the Ithaca Police Department and normalize staffing levels.